Looking for an alternative to
Ask Nicely?

Look no further. We are not an automaton.
We are real people with a real software solution, connecting businesses with customers.

We make it simple.

Get on board with a friendly team that does all the heavy lifting for you. 
We will get your feedback programme set up and help coordinate any external teams should you need it.

Connect with customers wherever they are.

Customer Radar helps you identify the best communication channel to collect feedback from.
Use CRM triggers, Point Of Sale, WiFi interruption and more.

Supported by great people.

All of our customers get personal account management & support. 
We pride ourselves on being helpful, efficient and getting stuff done. Our experts can help you determine and implement your voice of customer CX approach.

Custom dashboards for your teams.

Customer Radar dashboards can be customised to provide different data visualisation for different teams.
We also have API access available for clients who really want to take their customer data to a next level.

Smart NPS.

Feedback programmes by Customer Radar can include flexible setups.

Ask your customers dynamically generated questions depending on the answers they give, ensuring all of your exchanges are relevant and actionable. 

Take your company’s measure.

When it comes to business visibility, there are no half measures.

Chose to track the performance of a location, team, individual or we can help you come up with the right NPS metrics.
You can even measure eNPS (employee satisfaction scoring) and help your HR efforts.

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