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For stores like Fresh Choice, customer satisfaction is vital for keeping and growing a loyal customer base. Richmond Fresh Choice in Nelson recognised this, and wanted to do something to ensure a good customer experience.

The Opportunity: Producing customer satisfaction

Gary Watson, Owner of Richmond Fresh Choice, says that previously they had collected very little feedback. “I realised we weren’t doing well in that area. Our customers are the ones who pay us for our business, and it’s incredibly short sighted to not ask them for feedback.”

Hearing from the Fresh Choice head office that another franchise in Half Moon Bay was already using Customer Radar, Gary decided to take the plunge and use this innovative feedback technology to find out exactly what his customers thought of the customer experience they were exposed to in his store.

How It Happened: Fresh feedback feeds change

Implementing Customer Radar technology was easy for Richmond Fresh Choice, with the use of it even simpler. “All the feedback comes through to me and the managers, and once a week we feed it back to the departments,” says Gary, who describes the technology as “very easy.” This feedback helps both managers and frontline staff see the tangible impact that good customer service can have.

Fresh Choice discovered early on the value of the feedback. During the first set of responses, a clear trend emerged, giving the store an obvious path forward. “We found that 80% of negative comments coming through were based on long queues,” says Gary. “We therefore put more staff in at peak times to solve the issue quickly.”

Feedback about the produce department also prompted the store to action, with comments about the quality of produce on sale being prevalent. Managers were able to feed this back to frontline staff, and ensure that all staff were on the lookout for poor quality produce.

The Impact: Fresh Choice first choice for customers

It is having clear feedback that allows Richmond Fresh Choice to work on areas of their business that they may not have known even needed attention. “Since putting more staff in at peak times, we’ve had virtually no negative feedback from wait times,” says Gary.

Gary says he would “definitely recommend” that other Fresh Choice stores and retailer around the country use Customer Radar technology, although it’s vital that you can deal with negative feedback and use it in a constructive way. “It’s important that everyone’s on board, and it really shows something about a store if they can’t handle that bad feedback,” says Gary.

Richmond Fresh Choice are now looking ahead, with feedback continuing to point them to the kind of changes they should be making to ensure customer satisfaction. Says Gary, “It certainly helps us find out a lot about the business, and even more importantly, how to do things better.”


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