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Jay Harraway, General Manager for Pure SEO, had used Customer Radar previously, at Just Water. She knew the benefits of using the technology, as it gave her valuable insights into the business and how their customers were feeling. This, in turn enabled Just Water to make service delivery improvements that they wouldn’t have been able to identify otherwise.

The Opportunity – “Just”ified experience

Jay knew that Pure SEO would benefit from using the technology, as it would give their customers an effective method of communicating their thoughts. “By giving customers a voice, they can let us know of any frustrations before they lead to dissatisfaction. It gives us the chance to constantly improve our business as well as resolving individual issues before they get the chance to become problems,” says Jay.

In the past, Pure SEO hadn’t had a proactive method of getting feedback from their clients. Like many businesses, they were reactive, and didn’t have an efficient or consistent process for dealing with feedback when it did come. Pure SEO knew Customer Radar would be an effective tool for collecting and collating this data.

How it happened – In a (key)word, easy

Jay says that the implementation of Customer Radar technology was easy. “It was all done electronically, we just supplied a small amount of information and it was all done for us.”

Because of Customer Radar, Pure SEO has created an additional step in their customer welcome process. “One of the first times we seek feedback is right after we have given our customers an orientation into search engine optimisation,” says Jay. “This helps us understand the relationship that we have built at that early stage.”

Jay says that it was a client giving feedback about next steps at this early stage that caused Pure SEO to re-evaluate how they inducted clients. “The feedback showed us a missing link. It was something very simple, but we were so close to the business ourselves that we had missed it. It seemed so obvious once it was pointed out and I’m so grateful we were given the chance to put that right for future customers.”

The impact – “Pure”ly good service

Jay shares that the impact of gaining this early feedback has been massive. “We can now identify what our clients are having trouble with, what they require in terms of re-teaching, and what we can better educate them about.”

The feedback collected at this point doesn’t just focus on what Pure SEO need to improve on. Instead, it has produced a surprising ‘by-product’ of good feedback about what clients have enjoyed and therefore encourages the business to “keep on delivering what our customers love,” says Jay.

After using the technology for only a few months, Jay says that efficiencies have already improved. “While some of our customers want a high level contact as this is how they measure good service, some want the opposite. We are able to personalise our service because we are regularly asking our clients how we’re doing, and then react accordingly.”


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