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Green Cross Health (formerly Pharmacy brands) is all about providing the best care and advice for their customers, and wanted to take action to reinforce this. They wanted the ability to receive a large volume of customer feedback from their 289 stores across the country. “If you’re going to be a customer-centric company, you have to know what your customers do and don’t like,” says Jason Reeves, Executive Operations at Green Cross Health.

The Opportunity: Taking the mystery out of customer satisfaction

With traditional feedback collection methods proving expensive and not very effective, they decided to move into the new world of customer satisfaction by implementing the Customer Radar feedback technology.

Says Jason, “We had previously used mystery shoppers, but the problem was that a mystery shopper is not a typical shopper – they go in with specific things to look at. It also only gives a view of one store at one time. We wanted to get a bigger volume of real customer feedback.” Enter Customer Radar…

How It Happened: Putting in the personal touch

Customer Radar started by implementing mobile and web feedback technology across 74 Green Cross Health partner stores. It was soon delivering such tremendous results that Green Cross Health decided to extend the technology to their 180 licensee stores. Due to the ease of the Customer Radar implementation process, the programme was seamlessly integrated across the stores without disrupting the day to day business.

Customer Radar provided the training and support at all levels of the organisation to help with implementation as well as learning how to use the customer feedback information. They have worked with our regional managers to help them understand where the opportunities for growth and improvement are with their stores. “The technology is very simple, and the guys at Customer Radar were great when it came to training,” says a very satisfied Jason. This support extends into regular analysis with regional managers, as well as having a support desk available to any pharmacy owners or managers who needed help. For Green Cross Health, having that level of support was essential and the simplicity of the Customer Radar technology was paramount.

Green Cross Health has taken Customer Radar’s feedback technology to the next level , implementing in-depth surveys several times a year to complement the live customer feedback. “The Customer Radar technology enables our owners to look at results on a daily basis, and the challenge of the table keeps them engaged. All the licensees love being top of the leader board,” says Jason.

The Impact: Happy customers, healthy business

The use of Customer Radar technology has been hugely popular with operators and customers alike, and already a definite correlation between customer satisfaction and store performance has emerged. In most cases, stores that gain a large number of positive results are also the stores making the biggest profits. This shows once again how vital customer satisfaction is to running a successful retail business. In the cases where the two don’t correlate, feedback highlights what can be improved upon to make profitable stores even more successful.

Since using Customer Radar’s innovative technology, Green Cross Health have already implemented several changes based entirely on customer feedback. One such change has been reintroducing seating to their pharmacies. This signals a complete turnaround from their previous positioning, which had been to gradually remove all seating in order to gain more retail space. However, after receiving valuable customer feedback through Customer Radar’s technology, they discovered just how important having somewhere to sit while waiting for a prescription was to Green Cross Health customers.

According to Jason, the best part is how cost effective the technology has proven to be. “Rolling it out across over 300 stores carries nearly the same cost as only one mystery shopper, so it’s incredibly cost effective for the amount of feedback we get.”

Without a doubt, what makes the partnership between Customer Radar and Green Cross Health so effective is the understanding that Jason and the rest of the team have of what Green Cross Health have to gain from the Customer Radar technology. It allows them to benchmark stores against each other, get into conversations with customers, deal with complaints quickly, and make a real commitment to providing the best care and advice possible for their customers. The fact that everyone is completely on board with the technology makes it a very rewarding partnership for both sides in the long term.


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