Keeping your customers safe – and your stores open

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic - the safety of your customers and your people is paramount. Being able to safely track who has been in and out of your store (contact tracing) is not only helpful in tracking the spread of COVID-19 – it also gives you and your customers peace of mind.

But right now, many businesses are asking customers to check-in via pen and paper or shared tablet - a method that doesn’t exactly promote social distancing from germs... 

The solution? Contactless check-in. By enabling customers to use their own device to provide their details as they enter your store, you eliminate the need to touch anything or use a shared touch screen, keeping both shoppers and employees safe.


Introducing: Customer Radar Check-in

We’re living in unprecedented times – and that means we need new solutions to protect customers and employees.

Customer Radar Check-in provides contactless check-in that enables easy contact tracing and virtual line management. Stay open (or open sooner) while keeping everyone safe.

How can contactless check-in benefit your business?

Whether you’re an essential store currently doing your best to keep employees and customers safe or a non-essential store trying to plan ahead for life post-COVID-19, contactless check-in will allow you to…

Reduce health risks: Easy, contactless check-in through SMS, smartphone or online allows customers and employees alike to use their own device to register; limiting the health risk of sharing devices among the team and with customers. 

Safely and securely capture customer details: Health authorities have already made contact tracing mandatory for some industries as it is a great help to track people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Proactive businesses are getting ahead of the curve by keeping a record of their customers. Use contactless check-in to safely and securely capture customer details as they enter the store, and set data privacy restrictions on who can view that data to maintain compliance. 

Improve your customer experience: Avoid long lines and improve your customer experience with text and online registration for virtual queue management. Shoppers simply check in from their phone when they arrive, and when it’s their turn to enter the store they’ll receive a text from the store letting them know. Fewer people in lines, fewer employees needed to manage check-in, and happier customers all around.

Open your store sooner: If you're not an essential service, your entire business may be at a standstill currently. By putting in place measures to keep your staff and customers safe, you'll be ready to open as soon as Level 4 restrictions are lifted.


How to use Check-in 

Customer Radar Check-in is the solution for stores who want a simple and safe shopper registration system. Check-in takes care of each step from the moment a shopper registers in the virtual line. 

So how does it work?

1. Check-in: A customer arrives at your store and either sends a text message/SMS or scans a QR code to check-in – giving you (and them!) peace of mind that their details are safe, secure, and available to the health authorities should they be needed as part of the contact tracing requirement.

2. Confirmation: The customer receives a confirmation to let them know they are checked in and if they can enter straight away or, if the store is busy, they will be invited to wait 'in line' nearby or in their vehicle. They will be notified by text message when it's time to go in.

3. Time to shop: As the customer enters the store, they show the confirmation at the door and enjoy their shopping experience.

Feedback: After they’ve finished shopping, the customer can be invited to place feedback about their experience – giving them a voice and you the opportunity to learn about what your customers think.

Customer experience meets business needs:

A safe, secure solution for now and the future

Customer Radar has been at the forefront of customer engagement technology over the last decade. Now, we’re leveraging that experience to provide a simple solution that can be quickly and easily implemented in your business – helping you navigate this ever-changing business environment while keeping your team and your customers safe.

Talk to us today about how Customer Radar Check-in could meet your current need for check-in, queue management and contact tracing in response to COVID-19. 

We’re all constantly adapting to this new world – and we’re all in this together. Contactless check-in is key to keeping our people and our customers safe and secure through these times.”

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$25 per week/ per location
Set-up fees of $99 per location


A discount of 20% for Retail NZ Members applies including 50% off set-up fees. 
Not for profit discount of 40% applies. 
Volume discount for multiple locations POA. 

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Customer Radar Check-in provides contactless check-in that enables easy contact tracing. Stay open (or open sooner) while keeping everyone safe.