Customer Radar API

Customer Radar API

The Customer Radar API (Application Programming Interface) enables you to use customer feedback data customised to your own systems:

  • Bespoke internal and external reporting
  • Integration with your website or CRM
  • Custom NPS dashboards for your teams
  • Advanced analytics
  • Direct and fast data exchange

This enables you to send and receive data between software platforms (eg. CRM, POS, loyalty programmes, etc) to create richer and more insightful data for better decision making.

Data retrieval:

  • Advanced feedback search
  • Granular comment filtering
  • Custom, automated reporting
  • Process data to use in reports, emails, communication etc.
  • Publish curated feedback to live dashboards, websites

Data posting:

  • Custom branded feedback forms
  • White labelled data feeds
  • Receive feedback directly from multiple touch points across your business.


Customer Radar API

How it works

1 – Connect to API

Connect to API

2 – Feed the data

Feed the data

3 – Start using!

Start using!

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