Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost

Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost is a simple, effective way to grow your online reputation. 

Increase your Google Reviews, improve your SEO ranking, and build customer trust – one testimonial at a time.

One happy customer can have a big impact – especially when you leverage their story to get in front of hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers.

That’s where Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost comes in.

Increase your Google Reviews – and increase sales

Your online reputation has never been more important. 91% of customers look to online reviews before choosing to buy from you, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 89% make a purchase decision within a week of visiting review sites. 

But more than that – your Google Reviews directly influence your SEO and local search ranking on Google. If you don’t have a strong search ranking, you risk losing customers to competitors. Being able to drive customers to place high-quality reviews not only helps to get you to the top of the search page – it also gives you and your customers peace of mind before they buy.

But right now, many businesses are neglecting their online reputation and reviews – missing the opportunity to increase sales and leaving competitors to nab customers who are looking to spend…

The solution? Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost.  Transform your feedback into a great online reputation. 

Turn your happiest customers into your best advocates. By inviting customers to turn feedback into an online review, you’ll not only grow your volume of feedback, but also build trust and grow your business visibility – keeping you both top of mind, and top of search rankings.

Introducing Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost

We’re living in an increasingly online world – which means we need new solutions to build trust and transparency with our customers.

Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost enhances your online reputation by leveraging your existing voice of customer programme. Here’s how it works:

Google Review Booster
Encourage your customers to post a review directly after they have given feedback to increase your reviews and grow the online reputation of your business. Research shows that responding to both positive and negative reviews can help to build your customers’ trust and confidence while increasing transparency and putting a voice to your brand.

Website Testimonial Booster
There is no better story to tell than that of a happy customer. Share your positive customer feedback directly to your website with the click of a button and turn valuable testimonials into marketing gold.

Check out an example here. 



How can Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost? 

Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large business with many touchpoints,  Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost will allow you to...

Increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location: Actively managing and growing genuine reviews from your customers will improve your business’s local ranking on Google. Greater visibility increases the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location – which means more customers, and more reviews…

Increase the number of online reviews: Invite your customer to write an online review after giving feedback. In one easy step, you can extend their voice to reach a wider online audience and help you to grow the number of high-quality social reviews. This can be applied to Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, Facebook, or wherever else your customers are looking online.

Improve your online visibility: Gaining social reviews helps you become more visible to people searching for your product or service. Proactive businesses are getting ahead of competitors by increasing their reviews and improving SEO and Google results. And because Customer Radar makes it easy for your customers to give feedback, you can ensure your potential customers are seeing relevant and up-to-date reviews that best reflect your business. 

Build your customers’ trust: Put your best foot forward with both current and potential customers by sharing feedback and responding to all your reviews. Online testimonials are a tried and true way to increase word-of-mouth referrals, and replying helps build your customers' trust.

Show that you value your customers: Online reviews allow you to build a relationship with customers and also showcase that you’re a business that genuinely cares. Even negative reviews are a chance to provide transparency and a great way to show how you work with customers to resolve any issues.

How to use Customer Radar Review & Reputation Boost


Your customer is invited to give feedback after their experience with you via Customer Radar. 


Once your customer has given feedback, they are then invited to post a Google Review.


Positive feedback can be shared directly onto your website at a click of the button.

Increase your online reviews and turn customer feedback into marketing gold.

A simple, effective solution to increase your online reviews, improve your SEO ranking, and build customer advocacy and trust through online testimonials.

Customer Radar has been at the forefront of customer engagement technology over the last decade. Now we’re leveraging that experience to provide a simple solution that can be quickly and easily implemented in your business – helping you to leverage your customer feedback and build your brand presence online. 

Talk to us today about how you get ahead online today. 

“Sharing customer feedback online helps you to connect with customers and build an online community of raving fans. This online interaction with customers is a step toward becoming truly customer-centric, and above all, set your business apart from competitors.”