eNPS – employee Net Promoter Score

Measuring NPS is the ideal way to listen to your customers. But, how about your employees?

Measuring eNPS enables you to have visibility over team satisfaction, lower attrition and improve customer experiences. Customer retention rates are 18% higher on average when employees are highly engaged while disengaged workers cost companies more in the long run. While customer satisfaction is unlikely to exceed staff satisfaction, eNPS surveys offer a great opportunity to introduce workplace analytics in your business which doubles up as a communication channel with your team.

Visibility over team satisfaction

Rolling out an eNPS survey amongst your staff will give you visibility as to who your promoters and who your detractors are. More importantly, you will ascertain what makes your promoters just that and how you can help others in your team become promoters as well. Promoters are, after all the ones who go above and beyond to deliver fantastic customer experiences.

Lower employee attrition

Engaging the detractors within your team allows you to see what’s not working for them and where they think your company falls short before they hit the road and go somewhere else. Utilising these insights to make system changes at your end will help you lower your staff turnover and save on costs.

Improved customer experiences

Happy team = happy customers! Happy, enthusiastic promoter employees are the ones most likely to make promoter customers
with their great service. Ask yourself – would you want your harshest detractors as your frontline staff?



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