Unlock business success with live actionable data.

Customer Radar is designed to make it easy to collect, analyse and act on customer feedback. The result is validated, timely data that can inform every part of your business – from day-to-day operations of a single outlet, to your overall business strategy.

Here’s how it works.


for more customer feedback, faster

By making it easy, fast and convenient for your customer to respond, you get more data, from more people, more regularly.

With its flexible, scalable platform, Customer Radar connects with your customers wherever they are – email, text, online, and even printed on receipts. Our experts can help you identify where and how to ask for feedback.

Customer Radar uses Net Promoter Score (NPS), which requires your customer to answer only two questions – how likely they are to recommend you, and why. This deceptively simple approach gives you huge quantitative insights into how your customers feel about you. It also delivers qualitative data – live feedback from real people.

The system is also set up to ensure the data is validated – and instantly accessible.


on real-time results

Rather than relying on information collected weeks or even months ago, you can work with live data from your cloud-based dashboard. That means you can slice and dice your data as soon as it appears. Review individual responses, collate them into a word cloud, or track your NPS score over time, without the need for technical support.

This gives you a broad overview of how your business is tracking, with real actionable insights. You’ll have the chance to spot and reward super fans, resolve issues before they go public and empower the right people in your business. It’s about creating a direct connection from customer feedback to the way you operate every day.


benchmarking and future growth

With benchmarking data you’ll instantly see how you stack up next to your peers and the industry overall, or draw comparisons between individual outlets and regions.

Long term reports will let you compare months or even years, so you can track your improvements and measure your initiatives. Long term, you’ll be creating an internal culture of accountability, with your team putting the customers and their needs at the heart of everything they do.

It’s about informing your business strategy to help transform your business, and unlock phenomenal, sustained growth.

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Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Fill in the grey boxes below using estimates from your business.

What is the value of one of your customers?

Average spend per transaction

Average number of transactions
per customer per year

Average lifetime (in years)
of a customer

Average yearly value
of one customer ? = Average spend per transaction x Average transactions per customer per year

Average lifetime value
of one customer ? = Average number of years a customer stays for x Average Yearly Value of one customer

What is the loss to your business from dissatisfied customers?

Average number of complaints per month

Potential complaints per month ? = Average number of complaints you know of per month x 25

96% of dissatisfied customers don't complain. For every 1 complaint you know, there are potentially 25 others that haven't complained.


Potential complaints
per year ? = Potential complaints per month x 12 months

Potential lost customers
per year ? = Potential complaints per year x 90%

90% of dissatisfied customers don't return.

Potential annual
to your business ? = Average Yearly Value of one customer x Potential lost customers per year

Potential lifetime loss to your business ? = Average Yearly Value of one customer x Average Lifetime Value of one customer

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