Variable Questions

Variable Questions & Smart ‘Thank You’ Pages

How ‘Variable Questions’ work:

More often than not, people are happy to rate their customer experience with you, but some are not so forthcoming with providing more details.
The Variable Questioning feature allows for a much better, interactive experience for your customers whilst they provide you with their valuable feedback.
Variable questioning draws out a more refined response, with a different question being asked based on the customer’s choice of ‘Star’ rating. This feature helps provide even MORE meaningful data insights in your dashboard helping you do more of the things your customers LIKE and less of the things they DON’T!

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Different star ratings generate different follow-up questions:

Variable Questions

How Variable ‘Thank You’ pages work:

Once you have the variable questioning feature turned on, Customer Radar lets you create custom ‘Thank You’ pages to suit each type of customer feedback you receive.

For example, if you receive a low rating from a Detractor, upon their feedback submission they can be taken to a page which expresses regret that their expectations haven’t been met and you could send a voucher or a discount code as a gesture of good will.

Similarly, good feedback from Promoters can take them to a page saying ‘thanks’ and prompting them to post a good online review for your business.


Examples of variable, smart ‘Thank you’ pages:

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